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Biking in Japan with a bike tour in Japan with Asago Cycling


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Cycling in Asago
Biking in Japan with a bike tour in Japan with Asago Cycling

 Cycling in 
asago city

Biking in Japan through the beautiful Inaka (countryside) of Japan is a rewarding experience. In fact, we believe it is one the best methods of travelling to maintain health and wellness, as well as being kind to the environment.

Asago Cycling focuses on offering recreational and promotional services through cycling tourism that promote a healthy and environmentally conscious method of travelling. Collaborating with the local community, we strive to connect visitors to all that Asago has to offer.

If you are planning to cycle around Japan, add Asago Cycling to your list. 

Enjoy the thrilling sensation of cycling in Japan through the Japanese countryside and take your journey to the next level.

Biking in Japan with a bike tour in Japan with Asago Cycling
Guided Tours



Cycling Guides

Trained tour guides are available to guide you on your special journey. One of our guides will share with you the unique history and interesting locations that would otherwise be missed.

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Car Support

Car support is available for specific cycling events and tours. The cars allow us to offer swift response to meet the needs of our customers and peace of mind.

Photo & Video

As part of our guided tours, we offer optional services to do photography to capture your memorable cycling journey. We also cover events and do video work for cycle tourism promotional content

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Bicycle Rental

Rental bikes are available. In addition to our E-Bikes tours, customers can rent one of our cross-bikes for self-guided adventures, or if you simply just need to get around during your stay.


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